The AfDB's E-Consultation on its Private Sector Development Policy-Have your Say!

The African Development Bank Group is developing its Private Sector Development Policy (PSD) and revising its PSD strategy. As part of the preparation process, the Bank Group deems it important to consult external stakeholders, including governments, citizens, the private sector actors, representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and multilateral and bilateral development agencies to obtain their inputs and feedbacks. The purpose of the online posting of the draft PSD policy and Strategy is to request all stakeholders to provide their views and perspectives on the above key policy and strategy documents. The online posting is one means among others to obtain external stakeholders view on the Bank Group policy documents.

Your views and feedback will help us sharpen the strategic focus of the Bank group support, and increase its effectiveness, in private sector development and inclusive growth. 

Thank you for your kind assistance!

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Section I: Challenges and Opportunities

What major constraints does the private sector face in your country? Click the relevant order of priority from the list below

Soft disablers: It covers issues related to governance such as corruption; customs and trade regulations; tax administration and rates; labor regulation.

1. Inadequate legal and regulatory frameworks, weak institutional capacities *

2. Customs and trade regulations *

3. Tax administration and rates *

4. Inadequate supply of skilled labour *

5. Entrenched corruption *

Hard disablers: It relates to physical challenges such as lack of effective, reliable, affordable infrastructure.

6. Reliable competitively priced transportation services such as road, rail, air and sea transport *

7. Energy supply *

8. Potable water supply; and good sanitation *

9. Efficient information and communication services *

Enterprise-level disablers: These are related to enterprise level constraints such as regulatory systems, administrative and business services and access to finance

10. Regulatory systems *

11. Administrative and business services *

12. Access to finance *

13. Regional Member Countries Government policies are effective in tackling the major constraints of private sector development *

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