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Côte d'Ivoire: Social Inclusion and Cohesion #ImprovingthelivesofAfricans

Project name: The Social Inclusion and Cohesion Enhancement Support Programme (PARICS)


  • Restore social cohesion.
  • Improve social inclusion.
  • Address social and psychological damage caused by the past conflict.
  • Work on conflict prevention to guarantee greater political stability and more equitable economic growth.


PARICS came to help the population, especially Ivorian youth. With the programme, I am doing much better today. My decision, my voice, also counts.



Arsène Koffi,
General Secretary Yopougon Plastic Waste Disposal Unit


  • This programme benefits the entire Ivorian population.
  • It restores social cohesion in the country through several actions mainly ensuring the social integration of ex-combatants socially, providing support to conflict and gender based violence victims.
  • 3.5 million inhabitants of conflict-prone zones whose land ownership rights will be recognized.