Ethiopia Selected Projects

Derba Midroc Cement Project

20/10/2017 - The booming construction activities in Ethiopia has led to the growth of the cement industry in the country. In 2011 Ethiopia imported around 1metric tons of cement. The government eliminated stopped this on 27 March 2012 when it ...

Categories: Ethiopia, Infrastructure, Private Sector

Djibouti-Ethiopia Power Interconnection: Hydro-Powering East Africa

18/09/2013 - ADF Financing, Project Preparation, Advisory and Brokering Role ADF 11 has invested a loan of USD 42.89 million for Ethiopia and loan/grant of USD 54.79 million to co-finance the project with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporati...

Categories: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Energy & Power, Infrastructure

Ethiopia-Kenya Power Interconnection: Phases I and II - The Power of Regional Interconnection

18/09/2013 - Within the current global energy crisis, interconnecting the regional electric energy networks is the best alternative to transfer expensive thermal generation into regional as well as international power markets. 1,068 km of hig...

Categories: Ethiopia, Kenya, Energy & Power, Infrastructure

Harar Water Supply and Sanitation Project: Improving Livelihoods and Enhancing Water Security in Ethiopia

04/08/2013 - The project addressed a looming water and sanitation crisis in the historic and touristic town of Harar and the surrounding four towns. The water availability and quality from Lake Alemaya, the previous water source, was threatene...

Categories: Ethiopia, Water Supply & Sanitation

AfDB’s USD 33m Harar Water and Sanitation Project Comes on Stream in Ethiopia

16/07/2012 - Harar is a historic town with great cultural and religious significance in Ethiopia. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and “a living museum”. It was the first town in Ethiopia to get piped water supply some 110...

Categories: Ethiopia, Water Supply & Sanitation

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