Partnership overview

Brazil became a member of the African Development Fund (ADF) in December, 1973 and of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in in March, 1982.

Joint initiatives

In June 2011, the Government of Brazil and the Bank Group signed an agreement to establish a South-South Coopera-tion Trust Fund (SSCTF) with an untied grant of US $6 million. The SSCTF aims to strengthen South-South Cooperation between the Regional Member Countries of the AfDB and developing countries outside of Africa. The activities eli-gible for SSCTF funding include technical assistance in preparation of policy and sector studies, research and ana-lysis, capacity building and human resources development through training, organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences for networking, consultation and knowledge sharing on policy issues and economic experiences and publications, piloting innovative approaches to solve development challenges in RMCs, and other technical assis-tance activities aimed at enhancing south-south cooperation in Africa. The major areas of intervention outlined in the SSCTF Agreement are agriculture and agri-business, private sector development, clean energy/environment, governance, health, social development and any other area agreed upon by the parties from time to time.

To date, up to 85% of the resources of the funds have been fully committed to 21 activities including studies, econo-mic and sector works, capacity building and technical assistance through south-south technology/knowledge trans-fer and events. The approvals are within the following sectors: Energy and Environment including clean technology, Governance, Private Sector Development, Health, Social Development and agriculture.

The Bank continues to engage Brazil on how it can best help African countries to tap into Brazil’s experience in the development and transformation of the Cerrado region into a global food basket, the country’s co-ownership of the ITAIPU Hydro-power plant and trade financing through the BNDES. These are considered key towards the achieve-ment of the Bank’s High 5s priority areas.


Mr. Hiromi Ozawa

Executive Director


Mr. Fernando Ledo

Senior Advisor


Ms. Chioma ONUKOGU

Principal Resource Mobilisation Officer


Resource Mobilization & Partnerships Department