Partnership overview

Denmark became a member of the African Development Fund (ADF) in 1973 and of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in 1982.

Denmark contributes DKK 75 million (US $13.4 million) to the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund to support the early re-covery and development efforts in Zimbabwe. The ZimFund was approved by the Board in May 2010 and launched in March 2011 in Harare.

Denmark contributes DKK 20.3 million (US $3.5 million) to the Fund for Countries in Transition established in 2012. The purpose of the fund is to support countries in transition to meet the needs of the member countries in the region undergoing deep institutional changes.

Denmark contributes DKK 300 million (approx. US $57 million) to The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa” (SEFA) ma-naged by AfDB. The Fund provides technical assistance for the preparation of bankable renewable energy projects. In 2010, Denmark and AfDB launched the African Guarantee Fund (AGF) to meet the investment needs of SMEs and for capacity development of financial institutions. The Bank contributed an equity participation of US $10 million and Denmark contributed US $20 million.

Denmark has made a contribution of 10 million Danish kroner (approximately US$ 1.8 million) to the Agriculture Fast Track Fund established in May 2013 with Sweden and USAID.


Ms. Karin Isaksson

Executive Director


Mr. Christian FOUGNER

Senior Advisor


Ms. Veronica GIARDINA

Principal Cooperation Officer


Resource Mobilization & Partnerships Department