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Partnership overview

Finland has been a member of the African Development Fund since 1973 and of the African Development Bank since 1982.

Finland’s values and principles include democracy and the rule of law, gender equality and human rights, freedom of speech, a sustainable market economy and the sustainable use of natural resources, and the Nordic welfare state, including a high level of education.

The Finnish development policy has four strategic goals: improving the rights and status of women and girls; increasing the number of jobs, livelihood opportunities and well-being generated by developing countries own economies; strengthening democracy, and improving food security and access to water and energy and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

Joint initiatives

The Finnish Trust Fund

The first Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Finland and the Bank and the ADF was signed in May 1988. The fund was replenished several times. The resources were used to finance services of consultants to conduct studies, technical assistance, and appraisal or other project preparatory work in the Regional Member Countries. The Finnish Trust Fund focuses on environment, climate change, adaptation and mitigation, science and technology related to renewable and clean energy, water and irrigation, forestry management, and evaluation and education in Africa.



Finland co-financed a Small Scale Irrigation Project in Zambia through this Trust Fund to increase food production and household income. It also supported youth employability in Tunisia by sharing the Finnish model linking education/training institutions to the socio-economic environment. The Finnish Trust Fund also supported a long-term gender and education expert at the Bank. It is currently financing an activity dedicated to strengthening evaluation systems in African countries.




Executive Director

Mr. Lars Kjaer KNUDSEN
Senior Advisor

Mr. Mattis PERSSON