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United Kingdom

Partnership overview

The United Kingdom joined the African Development Fund on June 20, 1973 and became a member of the African Development Bank on April 29, 1983. Since the 1970s, DFID has provided secondments and technical assistants to enhance the quality of Bank operations. Most recently, have been in financial management, climate change, governance, and infrastructure.

Joint initiatives

Through DFID, the UK contributes to several multi-donor trust funds and initiatives:

  • The African Water Facility (GBP 15 million) – Established in 2005 to assist African countries to meet the goals and targets for the water sector in line with the African Water Vision and the Framework for Action.
  • Congo Basin Forest Fund (GBP 50 million) – Established in 2008 to support innovative, transformational approaches geared towards developing the capacity of the people and institutions in the countries of the Congo Basin to enable them to effectively manage their forests; helping local communities find livelihoods consistent with sustainable conservation of forests, and reducing the rate of deforestation through new financial mechanisms and appropriate models.







  • Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (GBP 1.5 million) – Launched at the G8 Gleneagles Summit in 2005 to support the scaling up of investment for infrastructure development in Africa from both public and private sources.
  • NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (GBP 6 million) – Established in 2005 to support the preparation of viable and bankable regional infrastructure projects and programs in Africa to attract more public and private investments for infrastructure development benefiting Bank Regional Member Countries.
  • Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund (GBP 10 million) – Established in 2010 to contribute to early recovery and development efforts in Zimbabwe. The Fund’s thematic scope initially focused on infrastructure investments in water & sanitation, and energy.
  • Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Countries in Transition (GBP 2.4 million) – Established in 2012 to respond to the imminent needs of the transformational period in North African region after the Arab Spring, particularly Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Somalia Infrastructure Trust Fund (US$1.8m) – Part of a comprehensive, coherent, coordinated multi-partner initiative to assist Somalia in consolidating peace and moving along a path of long-term development. The Somali New Deal COMPACT, endorsed in Brussels in September 2013 by the Federal Government of Somalia and its international partners, sets out a commitment to implement a strategy bringing together development, humanitarian, diplomatic and peace keeping stakeholders around common goals.
  • The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (GBP 10 million) – DfID supports the Green Mini-Grid Regional Facility for Africa. Funds will be used to support the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa’s enabling environment activities that are expected to catalyze investments in commercially viable clean energy mini-grids across the continent.



Executive Director

Senior Advisor/Alternate ED

Mr. Simone MARTELLI​