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The Middle Income Country Technical Assistance Fund (MIC TAF)

Background and Objectives

The MIC TA Fund is an integral part of the Bank Group’s commitment and strategic thrust to enhance the quality, development effectiveness, volume and competitiveness of its operations in its regional member Middle Income Countries (MICs). It was set up in 2001 with the objective to provide grant resources for building capacity, promoting regional integration, promoting private sector development, undertaking economic and sector work and preparing projects in MICs. The evolving development needs of MICs continue to demand innovation and improvement in delivery of assistance on the part of the Bank.

Areas of Intervention

In choosing the activities that can be financed from the resources of the MIC TA Fund, primary consideration will remain focused on activities which fall within the priorities articulated in the respective MIC’s Country Strategy Paper. The following priority activities are currently eligible for financing from the resources of the MIC TA Fund:

  • Project Preparation Activities
  • Capacity and Institutional Building Activities/Technical Assistance
  • ESW and other Country Analytical work
  • Activities that Promote the Private Sector
  • Activities that Promote Regional Integration

Target Beneficiaries

The resources of the MIC TAF will be used to finance activities in i) Category C countries, which are only eligible to receive financing from the non-concessional ADB window and ii) Category B countries, otherwise known as blend countries, which are eligible to receive financing from both the non-concessionary ADB window and the concessional ADF window. It is noted that the countries in each category may change from time to time hence the eligible countries will always be those that are in Category B and C at any given moment in time.

Dynamics in the Bank currently propose that more and more countries will be eligible for MIC resources as they are transitioning to MIC status.

Category B – Countries Eligible for a Blend of ADB and ADF Resources Category C – Countries Eligible for ADB Resources Only







Cabo Verde



Equatorial Guinea








South Africa




* Nigeria graduated to the ADB-only category in 2014 and is currently benefiting from a transition period of five years which will be concluded on 31 December 2018.

Source: Bank Group Annual Report 2015 (P.317)

Ceiling per grant request: The maximum per grant is USD 1.68 million. Resources of the MIC TA Fund may be used to finance both foreign exchange and local cost components of approved activities. Beneficiaries of the Fund, including the private sector, will be required to contribute at least 5 percent of the total cost.

Approval Thresholds: Operations Vice Presidents will be authorized to approve requests for MIC TA grants below USD 559,536 the President will approve requests between USD 559,536 and USD 1.2 million. For amounts above USD 1.2 million approval will be by the Board on a lapse-of-time basis.