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Guinea-Bissau and the AfDB

Since the start of its cooperation with Guinea-Bissau in 1976, the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has financed, excluding multinational projects, 38 operations (24 projects, 7 institutional support operations, 3 studies, 3 emergency assistance operations and one line of credit) representing total net commitments of UA 188.08 million (about CFAF 150 billion).

This amount was provided in the form of loans (80.02%) and grants (19.98%). Total net commitments by financing source stand respectively at UA 160.97 million for ADF, UA 10.03 million for ADB, UA 10 million for FSF, UA 6.09 million for NTF and UA 0.99 for the SEAF. The social sector has received most financing (31.2%), followed by the multi-sector (21.0%), the agriculture (19.4%), transport (18.4%) and public utilities (10%) sectors.

Until the military coup of April 2012 that occurred between the 1st and the 2nd round of the presidential elections of 2012, Guinea Bissau achieved remarkable economic performance with a growth rate of 5,1%  in 2011. Nevertheless with the military coup of April and the subsequent suspension of operations by most donors including the AfDB, the country is facing enormous challenges in tough national and international environments.

The priority of the transition government is mainly to set up the conditions and organize transparent general elections in 2013. The Bank is monitoring closely the situation in the country in collaboration with other technical and financial partners and regional organizations.