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Sierra Leone Economic Outlook

  • Sierra Leone is currently grappling with the after-effects of the Ebola crisis and the sustained decline in iron ore prices. Accordingly, GDP for 2015 is estimated to have contracted by more than one-fifth.
  • Remedial actions and policies are needed to improve the indicators that may have been reversed by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) crisis, following positive strides in improved economic and political governance.
  • Sierra Leone, with approximately 40% urban population is experiencing its urbanisation without industrialisation (manufacturing), which does not promote appropriate structural linkages and sustained transformation of the economy.

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Key Facts

Capital: Freetown
Area: 72,000 sq km
Total Population 2017: 6.7 Million
Urban Population 2017: 73.50%
Female Population 2017: 49.70%
GDP: US$ 4.1 Billion
GNI Per Capita 2015: US$ 630
Inflation Rate: 10.51%
Crude Birth Rate (per 1000): 34.40%
Human Development Index (rank / 188): 179
Human Development Index (scale 0 to 1): 0.420
Membership Date: 10/09/1964
Cumulative Approvals (1967-2016): UA 478.5 Million

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