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Disclosure and Access to Information


The mandate of the African Development Bank (AfDB or the "Bank") and its related entities (collectively the "Bank Group") is focused on the sustainable economic development and social progress of the African member countries of the Bank Group. The Bank Group’s Policy on Disclosure and Access to Information (the "DAI Policy") provides the primary channel for achieving the above-mentioned objectives. The DAI Policy was adopted by the Bank Group Boards of Directors in May 2012, and became effective in February 2013.

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The DAI policy: Open, Access, Transparency and Disclosure

Openness and transparency are key principles of the policy. 'Openness' reflects our willingness and availability to engage with stakeholders, and the provision of effective platforms and instruments for such engagement.

Staff Handbook

This Handbook is central to the implementation of the DAI Policy, and guides staff and stakeholders on all issues related to information disclosure.

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DAI Request Form

Please use this form to request documents that you have not been able to find on our website.

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Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about the DAI Policy.

Appeals Process

Under the new DAI policy, a two stages appeals process has been established.

Simultaneous disclosure

Certain Board documents classified as "Public" will be disclosed to the public at the same time they are distributed to the Board.


Declassify a Document for Disclosure.