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Appeals Process

Under the new DAI policy, a two stages appeals process has been established which includes:

Stage1 - Information Disclosure Committee (IDC):

Requesters who have a legitimate reason to believe the Bank has omitted to publish information mandated for disclosure in the policy, that their request for information has been unreasonably denied, or are able to make a public interest case to override the Policy exceptions, can file an appeal at the IDC (internal committee), which will review carefully the request. If the IDC confirms the initial Bank’s decision to deny a request for information, the requester may in some cases file an appeal to the Appeals Panel.

Contact: IDC.RRDC_Secretariat@AFDB.ORG


Stage 2 – Appeals Panel:

The Appeals Panel is composed of three members, with two out of three members external to the Bank. The decision of the Appeals Panel will be final. 

How to Appeal

Appeal is submitted in writing to the Secretariat of the IDC located at the General Secretariat, within 50 days of the Bank’s Group initial decision to deny the request for information.

The Secretariat shall acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 5 working days, and notify the requester of the decision of the IDC or the Appeals Panel, as applicable, within 40 working days of receiving an appeal.

The Secretariat will either provide the requested information or the reasons for denial. The Bank Group will post on its website the Appeal decision taken in each case, upon issuance of the decision.