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Request for Expression of Interest

Publication Date
22-Jan-2019 EOI – Côte d’Ivoire - English Writer, Communication Consultant – PCER1
22-Jan-2019 EOI – Côte d’Ivoire - Energy Efficiency Consultant - PERN
22-Jan-2019 EOI - São Tomé et Principe - Audit des comptes du Projet d’études du Plan National d’Aménagement du Territoire de São Tomé et Principe
22-Jan-2019 EOI - Nigeria - Junior Consultant-Research Support on Economic and Data Analysis - RDNG
22-Jan-2019 EOI - Côte d’Ivoire - Senior IT Operations Center Consultant – CHIS
22-Jan-2019 EOI - Egypt - Production of Documentary Film - INP
22-Jan-2019 EOI – Côte d’Ivoire - Recrutement d’un cabinet pour la réalisation de l’Audit des acquisitions du Projet de Pôle Agro-Industriel dans la région du Bélier - 2PAI-BELIER
22-Jan-2019 EOI - Côte d’Ivoire - Consultant(e) expert(e) en genre – AHGC
22-Jan-2019 EOI - Côte d’Ivoire - Junior Consultant to help the Department of Gender, Women and Civil Society in Data and Policy Dialogue Work stream – AHGC
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Development and Operationalization of the Fashionomics Africa Online Marketplace and Mobile Application - Gender, Women and Civil Society Department
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Legal Consultant-Office of the Director – ALSF
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Egypt - Consultancy Services for a Country Strategy and Program Evaluation - IDEV
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Consultancy service to revamp the AfCoP platform by developing a friendly and a well-functioning resource center for the AfCoP website
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Implementation of specific activities under the Green Mini-Grids Market Development Programme (GMG MDP), Quality Assurance business line
18-Jan-2019 EOI - Consultancy services for the preparation of Expanded Supervision Reports (XSR) – Trade Finance Division (PIFD3), Financial Sector Development Department
17-Jan-2019 EOI - Développeurs Web (Java J2ee, Groovy/Grails et Mobile) – CHIS
17-Jan-2019 EOI – Senegal - Malicounda Dual Fuel Project - Lenders’ Financial Modelling & Tax Audit Advisor - PESR.2
17-Jan-2019 EOI - Junior Drupal Developer – CHIS
17-Jan-2019 EOI - Junior Web Developer Applications Support and Configuration - CHIS
17-Jan-2019 EOI - Two Business Intelligence Analysts - CHIS