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28/04/2017 AOI - Angola - Institutional and Sustainability Support to Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery Project - Procurement of Vehicles (Retendered)

Categories: Angola

28/04/2017 EOI - Côte d’Ivoire - Senior individual consultant to implement the disclosure and access to information policy - DAIP

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire

28/04/2017 SPN - Ghana - International competitive bidding for the supply installation and training of a digital recording system for Hansard (hardware & software)

Categories: Ghana

28/04/2017 AOI – RDC - Travaux de forages et de construction de systèmes mini-réseaux d’approvisionnement en eau potable avec places à vivre dans les sites ciblés de l’Ex-Province du Kasaï Occidental et de l’Ex-Province du Kasaï Oriental
28/04/2017 EOI – Multinational - Individual Consulting Services - Harmonization of Fisheries and Aquaculture Policies and Legislation in the Lakes Edward and Albert - NELSAP
28/04/2017 EOI – Togo - Services de consultants - Assistance Technique à l’Unité du Suivi de l’Exécution du Projet (USEP) y compris la formation d’archivistes

Categories: Togo, Infrastructure, Transport

28/04/2017 EOI - Services de consultants - Multinational (Benin-Togo) - projet de réhabilitation de la route Lomé-Cotonou (phase 2) et de protection côtière
28/04/2017 EOI - Comoros - Assistance technique pour l’organisation des campagnes nationales de sensibilisation sur la fiscalité - PRCI II

Categories: Comoros

28/04/2017 EOI – Cote d’Ivoire - Local consultant to support AHGC2 for activities related to the Bank’s engagement with Civil Society

Categories: Civil Society

27/04/2017 Quarterly Operational Summary as of 30 September 2016
27/04/2017 Information Notice – Cote d’Ivoire - Senior consultant for treasury investments – Attribution de marché
27/04/2017 EOI - Multinational (ECOWAS) - Consulting services for the conduct of feasibility and engineering design studies, as well as the preparation of bidding documents for the works

Categories: Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo

27/04/2017 EOI – Kenya -Consultancy services - feasibility study, detailed design and preparation of tender documents for Bergei dam water supply project - Kenya sustainable towns water supply and sanitation program
27/04/2017 EOI – Angola - Consulting Services - Technical assistance to strengthen DNA and PWSU in supervision, monitoring and evaluation capacity

Categories: Angola

26/04/2017 Lending Rates for Sovereign Guaranteed Loans - From 1 February to 31 July 2017
26/04/2017 Lending Rates for Non Sovereign Guaranteed Loans - From 1 February to 31 July 2017
25/04/2017 South Africa - ESKOM Transmission Improvement Project – RAP Summary (Venus Line)
25/04/2017 South Africa - ESKOM Transmission Improvement Project – RAP Summary

Categories: South Africa

25/04/2017 South Africa - Eskom transmission improvement project – ESIA Summary

Categories: South Africa

25/04/2017 EOI - Multinational - Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Studies for the proposed Kolwezi – Solwezi Interconnector - SAPP

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