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17/10/2017 Somalia Transport Sector Needs Assessment and Investment Programme

Categories: Somalia, Transport

13/10/2017 Multinational - Support to a Network of African Institutions of Science and Technology Project (SNAIST) – Project Completion Report
13/10/2017 Nigeria - Skills Training and Vocational Education Project – Project Completion Report
13/10/2017 Tunisia - National Water Information System (SINEAU) – Project Completion Report
13/10/2017 Highlights - Board meeting of 20 September 2017
13/10/2017 Highlights - Board meeting of 6 September 2017
13/10/2017 Say No to Famine - Revised Version
13/10/2017 Benin - Country Strategy Paper 2017-2021

Categories: Benin

13/10/2017 EOI - Junior Consultant - Junior Consultant to assist AHGC2 - AHGC2
13/10/2017 EOI - Consultancy to Organise The Civil Society Forum 2018 - Gender, Women and Civil Society Departement
13/10/2017 EOI - Consultant Position Statistical Data Management for the African Economic Outlook 2017 / 2018, Statistical Publications 2018 and Africa Information Highway Initiative - ECST
13/10/2017 EOI – Multinational - Selection d’un bureau de consultants charge de la formation des acteurs sur l'interopérabilité des services financiers numeriques dans l'union economique et monetaire ouest africaine -BCEAO
13/10/2017 SPN - Cabo Verde - Construction of the Lot 4 – Incubation Center of the Technology Park - Technology Parc Project

Categories: Cape Verde

13/10/2017 EOI - Audit of financial management and post-review of procurement of projects funded by the African Water Facility - AWF
13/10/2017 Board Rolling Agenda of Meetings October 2017 - January 2018
13/10/2017 Running the numbers - African Natural Resources Center - Analytical Report
This report, the first study in Africa, explores how African governments use financial models to manage oil & gas and mining projects. Jointly produced by the African Natural Resources Center of the AfDB and Open Oil, a...Read more
12/10/2017 Statistical Brief on selected socio-economic indicators on Africa
12/10/2017 EOI - Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Quality Assurance Processes across the Project Cycle - Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV)
12/10/2017 EOI - Tunisie - Consultant individuel en Passation des Marchés, basé à Tunis - Département des Services Fiduciaires, Gestion Financière, Inspection et Politique d’Acquisitions (SNFI)

Categories: Tunisia

12/10/2017 EOI - Bond Markets Research Officer - Financial Sector Development Department (PIFD)

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