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Africa Economic Brief - Resurgent Asia and Lessons for Africa - Volume 11 | Issue 1


Deepak Nayyar – economist, thinker, and leading scholar – has come up with yet another splendid book. Resurgent Asia: Diversity in Development, together with the excellent Asian Transformations: An Inquiry into the Development of Nations (2019), recently edited by Nayyar, and an earlier path-breaking book, Catch Up: Developing Countries in the World Economy (2013), form a trilogy of scholarly work on Asia. The significance of Resurgent Asia lies in its timing, coming as it does 50 years after the publication of Myrdal’s Asian Drama: An Enquiry into the Poverty of Nations (1968) – itself a seminal, if pessimistic, book on Asia’s prospects for development based on a decade of research. 

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