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African Development Bank - Publications catalogue - September 2019


The African Development Bank now asserts itself as a leading analytical and technical voice in African development. Every year, the Bank leverages its comparative advantage to generate Africa-specific research and knowledge works. The knowledge being generated does not reside in one Complex or Department, but cut across the entire Bank. These research and knowledge works have been very useful in supporting development policy initiatives in regional member countries as well as assisting the Bank’s operations.

Beginning in 2018, when the maiden African Development Bank Publications Catalogue was published, the wide array of rich knowledge works generated by the Bank are put together in a format that allows for one-stop-shop access. This second edition follows the format of the maiden edition, containing research and knowledge works published over the past year. It provides information on the Bank’s publications that cut across the flagships, knowledge events, evaluation reports, statistical resources, and across the High 5s as well as crosscutting themes. Electronic access through online web links and QR codes are provided to ease access to the publications.

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