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Angola - Bom Jesus-Calenga Smallholder Agricultural Development Project - Project Completion Report


It has been 12 years since the project was drafted and approved by the Government of Angola, but its development objectives remain very relevant to date. This is particularly true in the current context where there is a political consensus that the much-needed diversification of the economy rests primarily on agricultural growth and development. There is finally political agreement that the smallholder sector will generate much of the agricultural outputs to meet domestic requirements. The Project provides a smallholder agricultural development model which has the potential to be replicated in many other parts of the country.

The project was designed to contribute towards achieving the following sector goals: (i) reducing the risk of hunger; (ii) increasing domestic food supply; and (iii) revitalizing the rural economy. The specific objectives of the project was to (i) increase agricultural output by establishing an irrigation scheme in Bom Jesus and promoting rainfed agriculture in Calenga, thereby improving smallholder farmers’ food security and incomes; (ii)contribute to the capacity building of the extension service; and (c) improve rural infrastructure. These objectives were in line with the priorities outlined by the GoA in 2002 following the end of a long civil war, and they remain consistent with the 2013-2017 medium term agricultural development plan (PDMPSA). On the Bank’s side, the project is aligned with Pillar I of the Country Strategy Paper Update 2008-2009: “Reduction of poverty through improved social services delivery and increased access to production factors”.

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