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Angola - Climate Change Integration in Environmental Management and Sustainable Land use Project(ICE- SLM) - Project Appraisal Report


Climate Change Integration into Environmental and Sustainable Land Management Practices (ICE-SLM) Project is an adaptation program benefiting Angola’s rural areas. The project – of USD 4.416 million on GEF resources (via the Least Developed Countries Fund) is to be allocated to the integration of climate change measures in environment management and sustainable land use. The Angola Government will contribute with 0.441 million USD. The project is expected to improve the integration of climate change measures into decision-making at institutional level (component 1) through: (i) the introduction of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) into environmental policies, strategies and legislations, (ii) the assessment of sectoral climate risks, (iii) the development of climate risks guidelines by line ministries, (iv) the strengthening of Department of Vulnerabilities and Climate Change (DVCC) capacities and (vi) the consultation and capacity building of stakeholders and institutions. Under component II, the project also aims to introduce CCA techniques into good Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices and create an enabling environment to improve rural livelihoods resilience to climate change. For this purpose, the project will intervene in 4 pilot sites. Finally, under component III, the ICE-SLM project will participate in the promotion and dissemination of good practice and replication of successful integration of climate change in the different sector with the implementation of an M&E framework and of a structured coordination mechanism

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