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Benin - Rural Electrification Project (PERU) - Appraisal Report


The Rural Electrification Project (PERU) is an investment project concerning the extension and densification of rural electricity distribution networks. The project covers the entire territory of Benin with the exception of the city of Cotonou where the Bank is financing a similar project approved in 2017. PERU concerns 309 localities representing an estimated beneficiary population of one million inhabitants. Its objective is to increase the rural electricity access rate from 8.11% in 2018 to 13.78% in 2022. The project is in keeping with the 2016-2021 Government Action Programme which, among others, aims to build up the country’s energy capacities and improve the population’s living conditions. The total project cost is EUR 96.39 million with an estimated Bank contribution of EUR 61.77 million. The project implementation period is 36 months.

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