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Benin - Support Project For Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme (PAPC) - Appraisal Report


The Government of Benin initiated a Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme which aims to reduce the population’s vulnerability to floods, promote the construction of socio-economic infrastructure and kick-start Benin’s economic and social development. The programme, which stems from the city’s Stormwater Drainage Master Plan, aims to: (i) limit flooding, which causes the destruction of nearby houses and infrastructure, and standing water in the city; (ii) ensure water drainage to improve health conditions; (iii) inform, educate and communicate with the population on hygiene, waste, drainage and the implementation of the programme; (iv) improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of many poor neighbourhoods through the construction of related urban facilities. It covers 34 of the 50 basins in Cotonou. The Support Project for the Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme (PAPC) is the AfDB’s contribution to the implementation of the Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme.

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