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Burkina faso - Leraba plain management and development project (paval) - Appraisal reports


The Léraba Plain Management and Development Project (PAVAL) constitutes a transformational operation since harnessing the Niofila dam water resources will enable the gravity irrigation of 1410 ha and the construction of infrastructure complexes to create micro-development hubs likely to boost the local economy. The choice of the technical options is based on various studies conducted during project preparation, namely the detailed design of the facilities, the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), the socio-economic study and the baseline study. The project design emphasises an inclusive value chain approach, with the development of the rice, maize and horticulture subsectors. It also mainstreams gender, with women and youth involved in decision-making (women will constitute 50% of plot allottees) and the fruits of growth shared. Furthermore, PAVAL’s design largely reflects lessons from Bank projects in Burkina Faso and the sub-region, as well as interventions funded by other development partners. The project also makes the most of lessons from past experiences, while developing synergies and complementarities.
In light of the country and the Bank’s strategic thrusts, the project design particularly focuses on the following themes: (i) food and nutritional security; (ii) value chain development; (iii) youth employment; and (iv) climate change. Estimated to cost UA 39.77 million, PAVAL will span five years and will directly affect over 9,000 beneficiaries (including 5,000 women) and indirectly 50,000 people. The key expected project achievements are: an eight (8) kilometre extension of the main canal, the construction of a 22-kilometre protection dyke for the dam; the development of a 1000 ha irrigation scheme; the consolidation of the existing 410 ha scheme, the construction of storage, processing and marketing infrastructure (warehouses, drying areas, and purchasing desks) as well as value chain development and nutrition improvement activities.

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