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Burundi - Makebuko – Ruyigi Road (RN13) Rehabilitation Project/Phase 1 - Makebuko-Butaganzwa Road Section - Project Completion Report


Burundi is a landlocked country with a rugged landform and situated 1,200 km from the coast of the Indian Ocean and 2,000 Km from the Atlantic Ocean. The country has laid special emphasis on the development of road infrastructure necessary for the development of its economic and commercial activities. Indeed, over 80% of its trade is by road and this trend will probably continue due to its geographical situation. Burundi’s national road network is about 5,200 km long of which 30% is paved. About 45% of the paved network is considered to be in an average state (minor deficiency), and about 40% of the length of the paved network has reached the limits of its service life, thus requiring rehabilitation. The Makebuko-Ruyigi Road Rehabilitation Project is part of Burundi’s Road Network Improvement Programme, as defined in the Second Generation Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (GPRSP II). It is also aligned with the objectives of the Bank’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Burundi for the 2012-2016 period as well as the Bank’s TenYear Strategy for the 2013-2022 period. This project was identified in December 2010 and a financing request for it was submitted to the Bank in June 2011. The Makebuko-Ruyigi Road Rehabilitation Project and related facilities have contributed to: (i) facilitating intercommunal travel with reduced travel time, and (ii) facilitating access to basic social services (weekly market, health centre, hospital and dispensary, elementary and high school, drinking and spring water, etc.). It has also enabled a positive development of socio-economic and commercial activities at the level of municipal councils through: (i) the creation of new commercial activities, and (ii) the increase in municipal revenue. It has also contributed to improving the living conditions of the PA population through: (i) improved household income; (ii) rehabilitation of houses along the road section; and (iii) construction of new houses. The project is also a main link in the Central Corridor (from the Port of Dar-Es-Salam in Tanzania to Bujumbura in Burundi) and has a positive impact on regional integration by stimulating trade between the project area (PA) and the western regions of Tanzania.

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