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Burundi - Watershed management and climate resilience improvement project (PABVARC) - Project Completion Report


The Watershed Management Project (PABV), financed by the ADF to the tune of UA 9 million (2006 and 2011), aimed at contributing to the fight against land degradation and promoting better farming practices. The excellent performance of PABV motivated the implementation of the Watershed Management and Climate Resilience Improvement Project (PABVARC), which is part of the ongoing efforts to address land degradation exacerbated by the effects of climate change. These effects result in a reduction of the duration of the rainy season and a disruption in their distribution. In order to facilitate the production of meteorological information that can help to better monitor climate change and enable farmers to plan their activities, PABVARC has integrated this need by building the capacities of hydro-meteorological services and measurement networks.

PABVARC was designed as part of the framework of Government’s 2012-2017 National Agricultural Investment Plan as well as the second generation Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP II, 2012-2015). PABVARC was also part of Pillar 2 of the CSP (2012-2016) as well as the Bank’s 2011-2015 Action Plan on Climate Change. These concerns are still relevant.

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