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Cameroon - Project for studies and preparation of a rural drinking water supply and sanitation programme - Project Appraisal Report


This project sets out to conduct studies for the preparation of an investment program for the construction of 300 small-scale drinking water supply networks in the rural areas of Cameroon. Its goal is to enhance the efficiency of drinking water and sanitation sub-sector investments through research and capacity building activities, and provide information crucial to the management of Cameroon’s water resources. Furthermore, it will contribute towards mobilizing the funds needed to finance the construction of the mini-networks for which the studies are conducted. In the long term, the program stemming from these studies will help improve the drinking water access rate in selected localities; improve sustainability, management, and regularity of water supply, monitoring and evaluation of existing water supply facilities and those to be built in the rural areas. The lead time of the project study is 30 months at an estimated total cost of UA 4.647 million, including activities related to the operating costs of the coordination unit. The project is 93.8% financed from ADF resources, 2.7% from the resources of the Africa Climate Technology Finance Centre and Network (ACTFCN), and 3.5% from counterpart funds of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon.

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