Annual Meetings Seminars


2014 AM - Provisional Program

African Development Bank, Provisional Programme Kigali, Rwanda, 19 – 23 May 2014

2014 AM - Provisional Spouse Programme


2013 AM - Provisional Program


2013 AM - High Level Seminars – Concept Notes

Africa’s outlook appears bright and optimistic. Over the past year since the last Annual Meetings, macroeconomic and political stability across Africa has continued to improve. GDP growth of over five per cent on average in the past decade, in the face of the global economic crisis, earned the continent the top position among regional economies.

AA 2013 - Programme des conjoints

Organisation des Assemblées Annuelles 2013 des conseils des Gouverneurs du Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement et Fonds Africain de Développement Mai 2013 à Marrakech

2013 AM - Presentation - Africa’s Structural Transformation

Africa is transforming, but economic transformation can be accelerated The continent offers opportunity for both African and international investors: “Emerging Africa” Africa is striving for strong, sustained and inclusive growth through structural  transformation Structural transformation cannot take place without investment in infrastructure, agriculture, skills training and education, and broader engagement with the private sector African leadership is acutely aware: agricultural productivity must be transformed towards industrial upgrading and technological innovation....

2011 AM - Provisional Program


2011 AM - Concept Notes - High Level & Other Thematic Seminars

witnessed first-hand the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia. It was at once exhilarating and sobering. Exhilarating because of the pace of change and the palpable sense of optimism. Exhilarating because we saw people from all walks of life demanding that their voices be heard, that the government be held to account, and above all demanding justice, to share the fruits of progress.

2011 AM - Concept Notes - High Level Seminars (Detailed)

This year, the Annual Meetings Seminars of the African Development Bank Group will once again be a unique occasion to bring together policy makers and thought leaders from around the globe to interact on key development challenges and opportunities of the continent. Facilitating such exchanges is an important aspect of the catalytic role the “Knowledge Bank” is playing in assisting African countries sustain their economic growth and create stable environment for development. I am pleased to present to you the concept notes on the four High-Level Seminars to be held on 8 June 2011, around the...

2010 AM- Concept Notes - High Level & Thematic Seminars

The Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Boards of Governors represents a unique opportunity for knowledge dissemination among high level decision makers in Africa, key officials of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, renowned academicians, leading agents of non-governmental organizations, civil societies and the private sector.

2008 AM - Provisional Program : Ministerial Forum On Aid Effectiveness

This is a forum mainly for Bank Group Governors and is a follow-up to the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) consultative meeting held in April 2008. The discussion will be base. d on key outcomes of the regional consultation and will aim to build consensus on key issues of high importance to advance the implementation of the aid effectiveness agenda in Africa. The forum will also enable Governors to discuss the AAA and build African positions on the various elements of the AAA.

2008 AM -Provisional Program : Ministerial Round Table Discussions and High Level Seminars Program

The Ministerial Round Table Discussions is the key event of the Annual Meetings Seminars, taking place a day before the formal opening of the Bank Group Annual Meetings. It consists of a plenary session attended by a wide audience including high level dignitaries from Africa and other regions of the world, development experts from multilateral, bilateral, non governmental organizations, civil societies, private sector and the academics. An estimated 400 to 500 participants are expected to attend this plenary session.

AA 2008 - Programme des séminaires thématiques

Ce forum est essentiellement destiné aux gouverneurs du Groupe de la Banque et fait suite à la réunion consultative sur le programme d’action d’Accra (AAA) tenue en avril 2008. La discussion sera basée sur les principaux résultats de la consultation régionale et visera à trouver un consensus sur les questions essentielles pour faire avancer la mise en œuvre du programme d’action sur l’efficacité de l’aide en Afrique. Le forum permettra également aux gouverneurs d’examiner le programme AAA et d’arrêter la position africaine sur les divers éléments qui le composent.

AA 2008 - Programme des discussions de la table ronde ministérielle et des séminaires de haut niveau

La Table ronde ministérielle qui se tient un jour avant l’ouverture officielle des Assemblées annuelles du Groupe de la Banque est l’évènement phare des séminaires organisés à cette occasion. C’est une séance plénière inaugurale qui verra la participation d’un large public comprenant d’éminentes personnalités d’Afrique et d’autres régions du monde, des experts du développement venant des organisations multilatérales, bilatérales, non gouvernementales, de la société civile, du secteur privé et du monde universitaire. On estime que 400 à 500 personnes participeront à cette séance plénière.

AA 2008 - SE Athanase Matenda Kyelu Dim. régionale des Etats Fragiles


2008 AM - Philibert Afrika Key messages on Aid Effectiveness


2008 AM - Nana Juaben - Boaten Siriboe Paris Declaration & Accra Agenda


2008 AM - Hon. Kwadwo Baah - Wiredu Fostering Shared Growth

It is a great pleasure for me to speak to you on fostering shared growth: urbanization, inequality and poverty in Africa. The presentation will look at Africa’s growth performance, the impact of urbanization on growth and the need to reduce inequality and poverty in Africa to ensure sustainable economic growth.

2008 AM - Göran Holmqvist Cities as Growth poles

Africa is an important region to Sida, and the bank is among our major cooperation partners in the region. This partnership with the Bank is a means to advance the overall goal of Swedish development cooperation, which is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of poor people.

2008 AM - Dr. Mandla S.V. Gantsho Presentation Cities as Growth Poles