Environmental & Social Assessments



Egypt - Evaluation environnementale du deuxième projet de développement rural de el Beheira - ESIA Summary

Le present rapport fait une evaluation des questions environnementales qui affectent le deuxieme projet de developpement rural de El Beheira (BRDP II) en.Egypte, en guise de suivi de la Mission d’evaluation de la Banque africaine de developpement (BAD) pour le BRDP II (mars 1997). 11 fait une analyse de l’environnement de la zone du projet, qui couvre tous les aspects de sa situation actuelle et decrit l’environnement physique. L’etude examine l’impact du projet sur l’environnement, ses incidences directes aussi bien qu’induites, et propose des mesures correctives pour une gestion...

Tanzania - Zanzibar Project - ESIA Summary

The roads will be upgraded to paved surface. All will be two-lane with a total improved width, including hard shoulders, of some 9 meters. Bridges will be upgraded and/or replaced and widened to similar widths with separation for non-vehicular traffic. The culvert crossing of minor watercourses will be repaired or provided new. Services will be relocated as necessary. The works will be achieved within existing way leave corridors with two exceptions: 1) At Mazizini on the Fumba road, which will be diverted onto the alignment of an existing gravel road to pass to the north and east of an...

Cameroon - Aes-Sonel Investment Program - Executive Summary

AES-Sonel, a recently privatized integrated electric utility in Cameroon, has embarked on a capital expenditure program to improve and expand the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system in order to address the urgent electricity shortage in the country. Currently AES SONEL supplies electricity to over 425,000 customers from both thermal and hydroelectric generating plants with installed capacity of 844 MWs by way of two independent transmission networks, Southern and Northern grids. The transmission system consists of 487.5 km of 225 kV, 1360.9 km of 90 kV transmission...

Multinational - Integrated Management of Invasive Aquatic Weeds Project Environmental Impact Assessment - ESIA Summary

The development of dense aquatic weeds vegetation in West Africa was first reported in the early 1980s. The weeds were of three species: (1) water hyacinth (Eichhoinia crassipes); (2) water fern (Salvinia molesta), both introduced from South America; and (3) water lettuce (Pistia stratioites). They have increasingly developed dense stands on the surface of West African water bodies, and have become rapidly a major problem, against which the Council of Ministers of ECOWAS adopted, in 1987, a regional floating weeds program. The actual project proposal is largely concerned with biological and...

Nigeria - Second National Fadama Developmet Project - ESIA Summary

The National Fadama Development Project II (NFDP-II) targets the development of smallscale irrigation, especially in the low-lying alluvial floodplains or "Fadama”. NFDP-II is intended to increase the productivity, income, living standards and development capacity of the economically active rural communities while increasing efficiency in delivering implementation services to an estimated four million rural beneficiary households.

Swaziland - Upgrading of the Proposed Mbabane bypass Road - ESIA Summary

As a part of the project feasibility study, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was prepared by Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland (GOS) to identify the potential impacts and appropriate mitigation of the Upgrade of the Mbabane-Ngwenya (MR-3) Road. The project was appraised in September 2002 and classified as Environmental Category II and an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) was prepared according to the Bank’s guidelines. At a later stage, the GOS decided that the road should bypass the town of Mbabane and added the proposed New Mbabane Bypass Road to avoid congestion...

Ghana - Achimota-Anyinam Road Study - ESIA Summary

Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners have been commissioned by the Ghana Highway Authority to undertake a feasibility study and. thereafter the detailed engineering design for the upgrading of the road connecting Achimota to Anyinam. The design options for the road include a dual carriageway from Achimota to Nsawam, a by-pass to Nsawam, a.by-pass to Apedwa and minor realignments to ameliorate short comings in the existing alignment.

Gabon - Road Programme Environmental Impact Assessment - ESIA Summary

This environmental impact assessment concerns upgrading of the existing Fougamou-Mouila-NdendC and Lebamba-NdendC-Tchibanga road sections and rehabilitation of the Gare Octra-Owendo and Port-Gentil-Mandorove roads.

Ivory Coast - Riviera - Marcory Bridge - ESIA Summary

The following Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) summary focuses on the RivieraMarcory bridge project in .Abidjan, C6te d’lvoire. It was carried out in the first quarter of 1998, by a French consulting firm, BurgCap, on behalf of the “Soci& Concessionnaice du Pont Riviera-Marcory (SOCOPRIM)“. The study was carried out in accordance with the relevant Ivorian environmental regulation (decree 96-894 of 8 November 1996), and with the procedures and guidelines of the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Mali - The Moyen Bani Plains Development Programme - ESIA Summary

For several years Mali’s economy underwent major upheavals stemming from the serious droughts it faced. In the process, agricultural production declined considerably and on reviewing the situation, the Government came to the conclusion that actions aimed at a reasonable level of food security and the control of water, should be the country’s lead development priorities. Accordingly, the programme to develop the Moyen Bani Plains is a response to this long-standing national concern.

Mozambique - Natural Gas Project - ESIA Summary

The Natural Gas Project is a pioneering undertaking led by SASOL Petroleum International in a joint venture agreement with ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hydrocarbonetas, wholly-owned by the Government of the Republic of Mozambique - GOM) and the Republic of South Africa (GOSA). The project will bring natural gas to South Africa during the first half of 2004, along with significant benefits to both countries. It will consists of a major gas field development in Mozambique; a pipeline of some 865 km to Secunda in Mpumalanga, South Africa; the conversion of Sasol’s current gas pipeline network; and...

Multinational - Ceb-Nepa 330kv Power Interconnection Project - ESIA Summary

Following a request from the Governments of Nigeria, Benin and Togo, the Bank expressed its interest in financing the CEB - NEPA interconnection Project. The proposed project is designed to supply electric power to CEB Power Network (Benin and Togo) via the Nigerian Electric Power Grid. The objectives of the project are to: (i) provide an alternative source of power supply to Togo and Benin to meet the shortfall in electricity imports from Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire and improve voltage on CEB transmission network; (ii) reduce power ou tages in Togo and Benin during drought years and thus...

Algeria - East-West Highway Constantine Bypass Project - ESIA Summary

The project covers a major 13km stretch of the proposed 7,000 km Maghreb Unity Highway (AUM) which will link up Nouakchott, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. The Algerian segment will be approximately 1,20 0 km long and has been subdivided into several sections for planning and design reasons. The section proposed for ADB financing forms a part of this AUM and was the subject of a specific environmental impact study conducted by the “Contrôle Technique des Travaux Publics” (Public Works Technical Inspection Agency)

Kenya - Projet d’adduction d’eau et d’assainissement de Nakuru - ESIA Summary

Le Projet d'adduction d'eau et d'assainissement de Nakuru est classé dans la catégorie environnementale 1 , car c'est un grand projet de réhabilitation des réseaux d'adduction d'eau et d'assainissement nécessitant peu d'augmentation de capacités d'une part, et affectant directement le lac de Nakuru, un site de RAMSAR, d'autre part. Il a d'importantes incidenc es sur l'environnement et nécessite donc une étude détaillée sur le terrain et une étude d'impact sur l'...

Mauritius - Plaineswilhems Sewerage Project - Summary Environmental Impact Assessment

The Plaines Wilhems Sewerage Project – Phase 1 - will provide water borne sewerage services to parts of the predominantly urban district of P laines Wilhems which includes the Municipal Council Areas of Curepipe, Vacoas - Phoenix, Quatre - Bornes and Beau Bassin - Rose Hill. The project was initiated by the Government of Mauritius on the basis of recommendations formulated in the National Sewerage Ma ster Plan of 1992. As a Category I project, environmental impact assessments were carried out for all the components of the project. This executive summary presents the findings of the...

Swaziland - Summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment Lower Usutho Irrigation Development Project - ESIA Summary

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) was prepared by the Government of Swaziland to identify the potential impacts and proper mitigation of negative impacts in the Lower Usutho Smallholders Irrigation Development Project (LUSIP) in the south eastern part of Swaziland. This document summari zes the EIA and associated mitigation, management and monitoring plan for the proposed project. The summary briefly discusses the project background, the current biophysical and socio - economic environment, and legislative and institutional conditions pert aining to the proposed project. In addition,...

Namibia - Skorpion Zinc 400 Kv Power Transmission Line Project - ESIA Summary

Skorpion Zinc Mine (SZM) lies in the southwest corner of Namibia. The zinc oxide ore was first discovered in 1976. A full feasibility study for the SZM undertaken in November 1998, determined the project to be financially feasible and econom ically viable. Construction is expected to commence towards the end of 1999, with plant commissioning planned for 2001. An estimated 100 MW of power, one third of Namibia’s current usage, will be required for the mine, smelling factory and mine village b y the year 2001.

Mauritania - Grazing Landmanagement and Livestock Development Project - ESIA Summary

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is seeking to increase the incomes of agro - pastoralists and stockbreeders by increasing the productivity of grazing lands and animal production. To that end, a livestock development and grazing land management project was prepared by the FAO in November 1998, at the request of the African Development Bank and the Government of Mauritania. The project, scheduled to cover five years, draws on the outputs of a prev ious project, entitled “Livestock I”, jointly financed by the ADB and the World Bank. The main conclusions of the...

Madagascar - Preventive Locust Control Project - ESIA Summary

Migratory and red locusts (respectively Locusta Migratoria Capito and Nomadacris Septemfasciata ) invade Madagascar now and then. The former are considered the most harmful from the economic perspective, menacing crops and pasture during invasion. This century has witnessed eight major invasions. The current invasion started in 1997 and required the putting in place of a considerable chemical control mechanism. Therefore, the Malagasy Government would want to set up a strategy more suitable than what obtained in the past, in view of the socio-economic and ecological impact. Hence, the aim of...

Algeria - Koudiat Acerdoune Dam Project - ESIA Summary

The Koudiat Acerdoune Dam pro ject in Algeria was thoroughly assessed for potential impacts on the environment as required by the Bank Group’s environmental policy and by the Algerian environmental legislation.. An executive summary of the findings of the Consultant was presented to th e Board in July 1993 (ref. ADB/BD/IF/93/92). The project was approved in August 1993.