Highlights of AfDB/ADF Board Meetings


Highlights - Board Meeting of 24 September 2014

The Board took note of the proposed framework for the Bank’s programming and operational activities over the next three years which is an extension of the Sudan Country Brief 2012-2014, where almost all the key milestones have been delivered. The Board also noted the need for adjustment so as to enable the Bank to continue to be relevant. The Board recommended that greater priority be given to the issue of debt and that the Bank should continue to play a leading role in donor coordination. The Board also pointed out the need for increased policy dialogue with the authorities to enable the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 13 February 2019

The Board of Directors held its Meeting at the Bank Group Headquarters Building in Abidjan on 13 February 2019 at 10 a.m. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Charles BOAMAH, Senior Vice-President of the Bank Group. Please find below the key decisions reached following the consideration of the agenda item.

Highlights – Board Meeting of 9 January 2019

Board members welcomed the above report and thanked the Review team for its quality. They expressed concern that the South Tunisian Gas Pipeline Project does not fully comply with Bank’s policies and procedures, especially on environemental and resettlement issues. Executive Directors noted the recommendations to address the issues flagged in the report and called on Management to implement the relevant actions to bring the project to compliance and ensure achievement of objectives.

Highlights – Board Meeting of 30 January 2019

The above-mentioned report presents the findings of the verification of compliance of the Sendou Coal Project in Senegal. It discloses that the project did not fully comply with the Bank safeguard policies, notably the Involuntary Resettlement Policy and the Environmental Assessment Procedures for private sector operations. The report thus presents a series of measures aimed at repairing the damage caused to the people and the environment, and aligning the project with the Bank policies and procedures. The Board took note of Management's response and the revised Action Plan to address the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 11 December 2018 - 10 am

Management presented to the Board the main changes to the 2019-2021 Budget and Work Programme document following the Committee of the Whole meeting of 22 November 2018. These changes include a budget increase by 1.75% instead of 3.02%, and the freezing of the request for 50 additional positions pending the adjustment of those that are vacant. The Chairs of AUFI and CODE recommended that the work programmes and budgets of PAGCL, PIAC and BDEV be approved. The majority of Executive Directors congratulated Management for the new version of the document, which is more coherent, and for the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 11 December 2018 - 2 pm

The proposed programme seeks to contribute to the objective of economic growth and accessibility of the northern zones of Mali by improving the service level of the BouremKidal road and the living conditions of the population in the project direct impact area. Executive Directors noted that the project will create conditions for development and regional integration and will also help address security challenges. They called on Management to take measures to mitigate security, social and environmental risks and to ensure maximum economic impact for the population, especially the women and the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 13 December 2018 - 10 am

The proposed borrowing program consists of a maximum amount of UA 5.238 billion to be mobilized on the capital markets, and an additional amount of up to the yen equivalent of US $300 million (UA 215 million) under the Enhanced Initiative for Assistance to the Private Sector in Africa (EPSA2). Executive Directors took note of the proposal and commended Management for the initiatives and the various awards received. They appreciated the Bank's efforts to introduce local currency issues into the capital markets, but also encouraged the Bank to help countries build their domestic resource...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 13 December 2018 - 2 pm

The above-mentioned project is a proposal to finance part of DAL Group Co Ltd's longterm investment programme (IP) for its food and agriculture operations. Board members welcomed the project's alignment with the Bank's development objectives and strategic priorities. They also welcomed the resilience and good performance of the Corporation, despite the difficult economic and political environment prevailing in the country, and requested that lessons from the project be shared. Executive Directors also stressed the need to strengthen measures to mitigate the identified risks, namely credit...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 14 December 2018

This approach paper relates to the independent evaluation of the Implementation of the Bank’s DBDM. The Board noted that the approach paper incorporate guidance that was obtained from Governors during the Governors’ Consultative Committee (GCC) meeting in Rome on 5th December. The Board urged the evaluator to consider full assessment of the fifth pillar of the DBDM reforms; namely, Improving financial performance and increase development impact and to consider elements of financial performance beyond disbursements and use innovative methods to measure development impact. The Board welcomed...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 14 November 2018

The Board noted that the above-mentioned proposal aims to make equity investments in a diversified manner on sectors spanning roads, ports & logistics, mid-stream energy, airports, power transmission & distribution, thermal power, and renewable energy. Board members welcomed, among other things, the project’s contribution to infrastructure development and regional integration as well as its alignment with the Bank’s investment priorities. They, however, encouraged Management to ensure that the Fund managers increase focus on renewable energy, gender inclusiveness, and ensure high...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 27 November 2018

The Board noted that the above-mentioned project seeks to improve the quality of road infrastructure and contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations in direct influence area of the programme. Board members stressed the need for a clear identification of the activities financed by the Bank under the project in order to better measure their impact. They also called for an in-depth analysis of the environmental and social risks associated with this intervention in order to take appropriate measures, if necessary. Executive Directors further invited Management to take...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 29 November 2018

Board members welcomed the project that seeks to provide better access to electricity for rural populations in Nigeria. They noted the challenges related to the transmission and distribution of electricity in the country and invited Management to find appropriate solutions. Executive Directors also urged Management to take the necessary measures to ensure the sustainability of the project, to engage with the private sector for greater involvement and to pay particular attention to gender issues, fair pricing and coordination with other development partners, including the World Bank. At the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 31 October 2018

The above-mentioned project is a Risk Participation Agreement (RPA) that seeks to contribute to reducing the trade finance gap in Africa and to promote inclusive and diversified economic growth through support for industrialization, increased intraAfrican trade and greater regional integration. Executive Directors welcomed the project but urged Management to ensure that the right beneficiaries are reached, namely African Issuing Banks, SMEs and local enterprises in 26 RMCs, including low-income countries (LICs). They also called on the Bank to guard against possible market distortions, ensure...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 2 November 2018

The project presented by Management seeks a loan and a partial risk guarantee to finance the Productivity Enhancement Program of the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), a state structure primarily responsible for the national cocoa industry of Ghana. Board members welcomed the strategic importance of this project to strengthen the cocoa sector in Ghana, which represents a decisive sector in the country's economy. Some Board members requested clarification on COCOBOD's financial situation and institutional capacity. In addition, the Board raised concerns about the ongoing integrity due diligence by...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 5 November 2018

The Board noted that the above-mentioned project aims to expand the capacity of Rabat Salé airport, improve the quality of service to passengers and users, and contribute to the tourism and economic development of the project's area of influence. Board members welcomed, among other things, the project's contribution to increasing the country's GDP, creating jobs and opening up Rabat. They were given assurances as to the alignment of the project with the "Industrialize Africa" Strategy, in terms of additionality and requested that Management submit a written response on Morroco risks exposure...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 7 November 2018

The above proposal relates to an ADB loan of € 42.31 million to the Government of Côte d'Ivoire to finance the project to improve access to electricity in the rural areas (PAEMIR). Board members welcomed the project given its its impact on the improvement of the living conditions of people that live living in the targeted districts, which were selected based on criteria such as the low level of electrification and the poverty rate. The Board sought clarification from Management on whether the cost of connecting the targeted districts to the national electricity grid would be affordable to the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 22 November 2018

The Board noted that the Niger CSP 2018-2022 aims to support the Government's efforts to strengthen resilience and accelerate the growth of the Nigerien economy through two main pillars: i) promoting the competitiveness of the economy to unlock its potential and foster job creation; and ii) promoting the development of resilient agriculture for highly sustainable and inclusive growth. Board members welcomed the strategy but encouraged Management to provide pertinent and adapted responses to the challenges highlighted in the CSP, notably population growth, the private sector and the...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 27 September 2018

The Board noted that the above-mentioned document was considered by the CODE Committee, which endorsed the strategic pillars, namely: Improving access to energy and developing agricultural and industrial value chains. Board members supported the Strategy and encouraged Management to be more selective in order to increase its impact on development. They called on Management to drive for greater capacitybuilding, technical assistance, women's inclusion and ownership. They also emphasized the key role of the Country Office, in particular to improve coordination with other development partners...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 3 October 2018

Board members commended IRM for the spot check compliance review and Management for designating a focal person in the field to ensure the follow up and implementation of IRM recommendations. However, they stated that although spot checks are meant mainly for institutional learning, Management should have submitted a written response and sorted out differences on the issues raised before submitting the report to the Board. They invited Management to come up with a plan on how it intends to follow up and monitor the implementation of the spot check recommendations. They also emphasised the need...

Highlights – Board Meeting of 10 October 2018

The Board noted that the above-mentioned document was considered by the CODE Committee, which endorsed the strategic pillars, namely: (i) Regional Infrastructure Development for competitiveness and transformation; and (ii) Strengthening the policy and institutional frameworks for market integration, investment and value chains development. Executive Directors commended the Strategy’s focus on the challenges of regional integration and trade, inequality and job creation for the youths. Some EDs, however expressed concern that the Strategy does not adequately articulate the issue of...