Highlights of AfDB/ADF Board Meetings



Highlights : Board Meeting of 26 June 2014

Furthermore, the President requested the postponement of discussion on an agenda item scheduled for the day, namely, the Revised Independent Evaluation Policy of the Bank Group as he would like to have the widest possible consensus on the subject, recognising that there was no magic formula. He recalled that there was no urgency to discuss the subject and it was necessary to analyse, in detail, the experiences in other MDBs. He indicated that the Board recess will enable Management to come back in September with a paper and more detailed proposals

Highlights - Board Meeting of 24 September 2014

The Board took note of the proposed framework for the Bank’s programming and operational activities over the next three years which is an extension of the Sudan Country Brief 2012-2014, where almost all the key milestones have been delivered. The Board also noted the need for adjustment so as to enable the Bank to continue to be relevant. The Board recommended that greater priority be given to the issue of debt and that the Bank should continue to play a leading role in donor coordination. The Board also pointed out the need for increased policy dialogue with the authorities to enable the...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 28 May 2014

Board members commended Management for proposing the above document which is the very first Strategy on human capital development in Multilateral Development Banks. They welcomed the excellent quality of the revised Strategy which sets ambitious, but realistic targets in the areas of capacity building, equality, and development of the continent. Executive Directors pointed out that the real challenge lies in its implementation and invited Management to strengthen the logical framework to ensure better evaluation of results. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the Human Capital...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 13 Juin 2014

The transaction under consideration concerns a loan to Dangote Industries Limited, for the construction of a new crude oil refinery and fertilizer production plant. Board members welcomed the project which has a great potential for transformation and is aligned with the Ten-Year Strategy. In particular, they highlighted the positive impact that the increase in fertilizer production will have on agriculture in Nigeria and the sub-region in general. Some Board members pointed out that this project demonstrates the role that the Bank should play in supporting the emergence of African...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 13 May 2014

The Board took note of the conclusions and recommendations of the joint CODEAUFI Committee that considered the document mentioned above during its meetings of 14 April and 2 May 2014. The Board welcomed the new policy that will help the Bank move forward. It noted that the policy enables the Bank to accommodate the needs of RMCs and give attention to their requests. Executive Directors requested that an evaluation be carried out three years after its implementation so as to determine the risks involved and make necessary adjustments. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 7 May 2014

Board members noted that the programme seeks essentially to support the reform efforts of the Government of Rwanda on inclusive growth and poverty reduction. They commended the good programme coordination and the participation of the private sector in skills development. They underscored the need to give priority attention to the most vulnerable groups among the direct programme beneficiaries so as to strengthen the alignment of the programme with the development objectives of the Bank. They also suggested that incentives be put in place to encourage the cooperation between the educational...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 15 May 2014

The Board welcomed the Re-engagement Note and commended Management for the quality of the document that gives the opportunity for the Bank to re-engage in Libya and help the country move forward. Executive Directors expressed satisfaction about the pillars of the Strategy, namely, the State’s institutional capacity building, enhancement of service delivery, and the creation of an enabling environment for private sector development. They underscored the need to capitalise on the relationship of trust existing between the Bank and Libya, to collaborate with other institutions present in Libya,...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 30 April 2014

The Board noted that the above-mentioned subuject is a trade finance risk transaction between the Bank and BNP paribas. Executive Directors welcomed the expected effects of the transaction on SME’s, especially in Low Income Countries and Fragile States. Therefore, they emphasised the need to carefully identify the beneficiaries so as to maximise the development impact. They also requested for reflection on how the informal sector can benefit from the facility, especially women who are the most active in that sector. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the transaction.

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 23 April 2014

The above mentioned is a proposal for the establishment of Africa50, a new infrastructure financing vehicle sponsored by the Bank and designed to significantly narrow the infrastructure finance gap in Africa. The Board of Directors authorized the Bank to take the necessary action for the incorporation, in a Regional Member Country, of the vehicle. The Board also approved, on an exceptional basis, the immediate equity participation of the Bank in Africa50’s project finance business line in an amount not exceeding One Hundred Million United States Dollars (USD 100,000,000).

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 16 April 2014

The Board noted that the framework is aimed at selecting the most relevant operations that would be eligible for the Regional Operations (RO) incentive mechanism based on cost-sharing financing. Board members commended the measures taken by Management to ensure equitable access to ADF RO and Regional Public Goods (RPG) resources by member countries. They also noted the specific measures taken to ensure the integration of fragile states and Island states. They emphasised the need to secure the commitment of countries to the regional integration process, the major role of Regional Economic...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 17 April 2014

The Board commended Management for its efforts which culminated in the proposal for the establishment of the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF). The Fund which is an innovative source of financing will be set up with resources made available by the People’s Bank of China and facilitate the financing of more private and public sector projects in a context characterized by the contraction of development resources. Board members approved the revised version of the document. However, to ensure efficiency and transparency, Management was requested to fine tune the approval process of eligible...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 2 April 2014

The Board commended Management for the project that seeks to build the skills needed to meet the requirements of the labour market and provide more opportunities for youth employment, especially in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania. The project will also enable the country achieve inclusive growth and reduce poverty. The Board noted that the project aligns with the national priorities of Tanzania on the improvement of the quality of human resources as well as the Bank’s Ten-Year Strategy. It invited Management to ensure that the private sector is involved in the project. At the end of the...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 26 March 2014

The Board took note of the conclusions and recommendations of AUFI Committee which discussed the above-mentioned document at its meeting of 18 March 2014. The Board also emphasized the need for the internal and external communication of the Bank’s financial trends and results. The Board noted the satisfaction expressed by the External Auditors who issued an unqualified opinion on the Bank’s financial statements. At the end of its deliberations, the Board endorsed the financial statements for the financial year ended 31 December 2014 and authorized their transmission to the Board of Governors...

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 5 March 2014

The above-mentioned Interim Country Strategy Paper (I-CSP) focuses on the two pillars of “governance” and “infrastructure”. The Board expressed support for the pillars of the I-CSP and congratulated the transition Government of Tunisia for the adoption of the country’s new constitution. Board members emphasised the need to strengthen regional integration, improve the business environment, and ensure donor coordination. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the proposed I-CSP for Tunisia.

Highlights: Board meeting of 7 January 2015

He informed the Board about positive developments in the fight against Ebola. In Liberia and Guinea, schools that were closed in July 2014 were due to re-open by the end of January 2015. Senegal and Mali have been declared Ebola Free and Côte d’Ivoire, through its diligent commitment has not recorded any case of Ebola.

Highlights - AfDB Board Meeting of 26 February 2014

The Board welcomed the above-mentioned project that is aimed at rehabilitating and upgrading an integrated pulp and paper mill in Nigeria. Board members noted that the project will contribute to the diversification of the economy and regional integration. Furthermore, they underscored the importance of greater coordination among financial partners and called for special emphasis on gender and closer attention to adverse impact on the environment. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the proposed project.

Highlights - Board meeting of 19 November 2014

They recalled that regional integration is at the heart of the Bank’s mandate and remains a priority for the continent. They noted with satisfaction the wide consultation undertaken in preparing the document and congratulated Management for its quality. They stressed the need to ensure ownership by RMCs and take into account the specificities of island countries, and recommended that the Bank be even more selective. Board members acknowledged that there may be challenges during implementation and underscored the importance of coordination to achieve realistic objectives.

Highlights - Board meeting of 20 may 2015

The above mentioned project was first submitted to the Board last December but was postponed owing to governance related issues in the borrowing country. Given the important steps and measures taken by the Government of Tanzania to address these issues, Board members welcomed the proposed project. They noted progress made and emphasised high level dialogue with the Government to address policy and political issues in view of improving governance. Board members emphasised the importance of PFM reforms and strengthening of institutional frameworks in the power sector. They further stressed the...