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Politique sectorielle en matière de santé

L'on se rappellera que lols de leur réunion du 3 mai dernier, les Conseils ont adopté le document cité en objet (ADBÆD/SD/9685115V.2.6/?Iov.1) et demandé et la version finale dudit document soit approuvée conforrnément à la Procédure de non-objectlon

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Agriculture and Rural Development Sector AfDB Group Policy

After nearly two decades of severe economic decline resulting from several factors, including external shocks and domestic economic mismanagement, Africa’s economic recovery has been gaining momentum over the past four years. Despite the encouraging signs of this renaissance, the growth rates are still not strong and broad-based enough to make a significant impact on the incidence of poverty in the continent. Overall economic performance continues to remain vulnerable to adverse external shocks arising from lower international prices for some key primary commodities, unfavorable weather...

Guiding principles for bank guarantees

On January 12, 2000, the Board of Directors approved a General Authority on the Bank’s Financial Products and Services (ADB/BD/WP/99/164) that provides for the issuance of guarantees as one of the Bank’s core financial products. As a follow up to the General Authority, this document has been prepared to outline a set of interim principles and modalities that will be used to guide the issuance of Bank guarantees during a two-year pilot period. Based on the Bank’s experience during this pilot phase, a more comprehensive policy on Bank guarantees will be developed for the Board’s consideration.