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Comoros - Road network rehabilitation project, phase II – National road 2 (Panda-Ifoundihe Section) - ESIA Summary


This document presents a summary of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) of the Road Network Rehabilitation Project on the Panda-Ifoundihé Section of the NR 2 prepared in 2019. From an environmental and social standpoint, this project is classified in Category 2 in compliance with the environmental and social safeguard requirements of the African Development Bank (AfDB). This ESMP summary was prepared on the basis of the EIA relating to the Panda-Ifoundihé section of the NR2 on the island of Grande Comore for phase 2 of the project, in compliance with the environmental and social requirements in force in the Union of the Comoros (Annexes 3 and 4) and AfDB’s Integrated Safeguards System.

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