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Congo - Integrated Agricultural Value Chains Development Project in Congo (PRODIVAC) - Summary Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)


The Government of the Republic of Congo plans to implement the Integrated Agricultural Value Chains Development Project (PRODIVAC) with the support of the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Despite the existence of significant natural resources, nearly half of the country’s population live below the poverty threshold and the incidence of poverty is alarmingly high in rural areas (75%, ECOM 2011). The country’s food and nutritional situation remains preoccupying despite its strengths, with 39% of households unable to cover their food needs or afford the minimum daily intake of 2,400 calories. Agriculture – the sector targeted by the project, which occupies about 40% of the active labour force – accounts for only about 5% of GDP. Only 2% of arable land (approximately 2 million hectares) is cultivated. Numerous constraints plague the agricultural sector including: (i) the absence of structuring of value chains and stakeholders; (ii) low private investment in agricultural processing and the absence of links among value chain stakeholders; (iii) limited access to factors of production (improved seeds, fertilisers, equipment, ploughs, agricultural counsel, etc.); (iv) the inaccessibility of production basins and lack of marketing facilities; (v) an unattractive regulatory environment that hampers the development of agricultural entrepreneurship; (vi) the lack of adequate support for youth initiatives and innovations; and (vii) difficult access to agricultural financing; etc.

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