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Cote D’ivoire - Support Project For The Implementation Of The Inclusive Service Delivery Development Programme (Pame - Pdsi) - Project Appraisal Report


The project’s overall objective is to promote strong and inclusive economic growth by building the country's capacity to monitor and evaluate the national development strategy for inclusive service delivery. It comprises three components: (i) build the capacity of structures responsible for the management and monitoring/evaluation of development projects and programmes; (ii) building statistical capacity for the monitoring and evaluation of the national development plan; and (iii) managing projects. The first component aims at building the capacity of the PND Technical Secretariat (ST-PND) to ensure better implementation of the PND. It also aims at operationalising the Bank's Project and Programme Portfolio Coordination and Monitoring Unit (CCSPPP-ADB) recently created at the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) to improve Bank portfolio performance. The project takes place in a context in which Bank commitments reached a record level of UA 1.61 billion in August 2019. Gender mainstreaming will be achieved through improved participation of women in decision-making bodies, training activities and dialogue frameworks on development issues. The second component aims at supporting the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) in carrying out population surveys and censuses, data processing and analysis with a view to: (i) having better knowledge of the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population with special focus on gender inequalities; and (ii) better defining public development policies.

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