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Democratic Republic of Congo - Inga Hydro-Power Stations and Kinshasa Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Upgrade (RDPMDP) Project - Project Appraisal Report


Hydroelectric power (See Annex 1) is the main energy resource of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC ranks first in Africa in terms of its potential (100,000 MW), which accounts for 13% of the global hydropower potential. These resources are a great asset for the supply of low-cost power, making the DRC a strategic player in the continent’s electrical energy industry. These assets notwithstanding, the electricity sub-sector remains largely untapped. The DRC’s 6% electrification rate is one of the lowest on the continent and the country does not fully benefit from the export possibilities of this resource. This stems from the government’s inability to fully exploit the country’s hydro-power potential, which currently stands at 3%; the poorly developed transmission and distribution system; the state of disrepair of infrastructure from lack of maintenance and their subsequent further deterioration from the war situation in the 1990’s and the mismanagement of the electricity sub-sector as well as the financial woes of the National Electricity Corporation (SNEL). Compounding the problem are intermittent power outages that have adversely affected the operations of the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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