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Democratic Republic of Congo - National road no.1 rehabilitation project: KINSHASA/NDJILI – BATSHAMBA section - June 2019


The National Road No. 1 (RN1) is the backbone and main transformative highway of the road transport system in DRC. It connects Banana and Matadi ports to major cities in the west of the country, particularly Lubumbashi in the south, to the Zambian border, over about 3,130 km. It mainly serves Kongo Central, Kinshasa, Kwango, Kwilu, Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental, Lomami, Haut Lomami, Lualaba and Haut Katanga provinces, which have a huge proportion of the Congolese population. Finally, from Mbuji-Mayi it connects to RN2 which serves Kasongo, Bukavu (South Kivu) and Goma (North Kivu), located in the east of the country, thus providing a crossroad to Rwanda and Burundi.

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