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1996-2004 - Cameroon - Evaluation of Bank Group Assistance to The Agriculture and Rural Development Sector


The objective of this study is to evaluate Bank Group assistance to Cameroon's agricultural sector and its impact on the country’s development. This evaluation was conducted according to Bank directives in two areas, namely: (i) the Bank’s strategies under the CSPs; and (ii) the results and impact of interventions/activities carried out. The evaluation criteria were: (i) relevance and quality at entry; (ii) efficacy (attainment of objectives); (iii) efficiency; (iv) impact on institutional development; (v) sustainability; (vi) performance of the Bank and the Borrower. The term "assistance" includes aid in the form of loans and nonlending activities such as: economic and sector studies, institutional development, technical assistance, policy advisory services and dialogue, portfolio reviews, aid coordination and resource mobilization. The study reviews the sectoral, intersectoral and crosscutting issues (poverty, gender, environment, regional integration, private sector, governance). The evaluation focused on the 1996-2004 period, while taking into account the experience gained from previous completed projects, as gleaned from project completion reports (PCRs).

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