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1996-2008 - Gabon - The African Development Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department (OPEV) Releases its Evaluation of the Bank’s Assistance


Despite the relevance of its strategies, the Bank’s assistance to Gabon during 1996- 2008 was generally unsatisfactory, according to an evaluation report released by the Bank’s Operations Evaluation Department in May 2011. Active portfolio performance improved but remained unsatisfactory overall because of persistent generic problems. Overall performance of completed projects was also unsatisfactory. The report identifies long delays in fulfilling loan conditions, inadequate quality at entry, problems of implementation capacity, as well as the consequences of protracted sanctions as some of the root causes of cancellation of activities and delays in achieving results. It maintains that this lack of efficiency and responsiveness reduced the Bank’s capacity to contribute more effectively to the country’s development. The evaluation also found that the Government’s performance was generally unsatisfactory despite its commitment to difficult reforms.

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