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1999-2001-Togo-Country Strategy Paper


The last Country Strategy Paper for the Republic of Togo approved by the Boards in September 1996 covered the period 1996-1998. It aimed at a high and sustainable economic growth geared towards poverty reduction. It put forward a normal lending programme shifting to an enlarged programme during the document’s update in view of the efforts made in the implementing of economic reforms during the fourth quarter of 1996 and in 1997. The priority sectors of intervention were the transport sector, public utilities, agriculture and support to economic reforms for a change in a country ranked among the least developed countries, with a per capita income of US$ 330 in 1998 and an absolute poverty threshold of CFAF 78,400 in 1999, justifying thus, the present strategy of the government and the Bank for 1999-2001. Togo’s economy is essentially based on agriculture, livestock and services. The primary sector accounted for 42% of GDP in 1999, the tertiary sector 36% and the secondary sector 22%.

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