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1999-Marocco-Bank Group Portfolio Review Report


In 28 years of cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco, the Bank Group has financed 61 operations (37 projects, 12 lines of credit, 9 programmes and 3 studies) for a total of UA 2223.14 million (net of cancellations). As at 31 December 1999, operations approved and signed can be broken down as follows: i) agricultural sector (21%); ii) transport (14%); iii) public utilities (16%); iv) industry and banks (8%); v) social (10%); and vi) policy-based reforms (32%). At the same date, the total disbursed was UA 1838.61 million or 82.7% of net commitments for the loans signed. The disbursement rates by sector were: 96.3% for agriculture, 75.2% for transport, 68.9% for public utilities, 99.8% for industry and banks, 70.6% for social and 83.5% for the multisector. Out of the 61 operations, 40 have been completed, 3 cancelled, 17 at various stages of implementation and 1 is not yet in force.

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