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2000-Multinational-Synthesis Paper on Portfolio Reviews


The Country Portfolio Review Report highlighted some improvements in project management. The overall rating for all the 7 projects were 2 in this portfolio review. This rating was slightly below the overall rating assessed for the 1995 country portfolio review (rating of 2.3 on a scale from 0 to 2). Five of the seven active operations were rated 2.0 or better while the remaining two received the rating of 1.8 and 1.9. The rating showed that the performance in the social sector was the best among all the sectors; followed by those of the industry and the transport sectors. The performance of the agricultural sector was less satisfactory and need to be improved, especially in the areas of procurement and progress control. This implied that overall portfolio performance was satisfactory but there were occasional problems, which required monitoring. No operations were considered as problem project/study, therefore, the implementation performance (IP) ratio in terms of the proportion of problem projects in the portfolio was 0.0% and the development objective (DO) ratio, in terms of projects unlikely to meet their development objectives, was also 0.0%. This compared favourably with the IP rating of 0% and DO rating of 14 % in the 1996 APPR.

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