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2001-2007 - Uganda - Country Assistance Evaluation


This joint Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE), prepared by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank (WB) and the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) of the African Development Bank (AfDB), reviews the assistance provided by the WB and the AfDB to Uganda during 2001-07. Since the assistance provided by the two banks was not joint, the report examines whether: (a) the objectives of the assistance of the two banks were the “right” ones given the country context and the mandate of each bank; (b) the designs of the banks’ assistance programs were appropriate, effective, and consistent with their associated objectives; and (c) the program and interventions of each bank achieved their objectives and contributed (or likely to contribute) to the intended outcomes. Examining these questions allows the joint CAE to draw lessons and recommendations for future assistance, either individually or collectively. Annex B describes the methodological framework.

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