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2001-2008 - Project Supervision at the African Development Bank - An Independent Evaluation


This report was prepared by Detlev Puetz, Principal Evaluation Officer (OPEV), with contributions from James Keough (Consultant) and Athan Coker (former OPEV Principal Evaluation Officer). Extensive research assistance was provided by Diomandé Mabarakissa. The finalization of the report was supervised by Mr. Colin Kirk, Director, OPEV. Douglas Barnett (former Acting Director, OPEV), Getinet Giorgis (former Director, OPEV), Afework Aklilu (former Principal Evaluation Officer, OPEV), and the evaluation team of the Inter-American Development Bank are thanked for early inputs into the report. Victoria Elliot and other peer reviewers provided valuable suggestions on focus and presentation.

OPEV is grateful to all who participated in the staff surveys and interviews, and for the comments received on the draft final report, which were taken into account in finalizing the report. OPEV is also grateful for the interest and support provided by Management.

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