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2003 - Cameroon - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


This portfolio review of Bank Group operations in Cameroon seeks to update the Board of Directors on the status of the Bank’s operations in the country and make recommendations to the Government for measures needed to improve the quality of the portfolio. It is based on information garnered on various supervision missions and the multidisciplinary portfolio review mission fielded in November 2003. Total Bank interventions in Cameroon amount to fifty-three (53) operations. Out of these, thirty-three (33) have been completed or suspended two (2) have been cancelled, and eighteen (18) are at various stages of implementation. The total amount of gross commitments stands at UA 737.91 million, of which UA 468.2 million is from ADB resources, UA 262.71 million from ADF resources and UA 7 million from TAF resources. The sectoral breakdown of the projects indicates the predominance of the transport sector with 38.15% of operations, followed by policy-based lending (22.34%); agriculture (20.64%); social sector (10.6%); public utilities (7.26%) and banks and industries (1.01%).

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