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2004 - Burkina Faso - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


This report has been prepared on the basis of the outcome of the Bank’s portfolio review mission to Burkina Faso, from 29 October to 10 November 2004, and of the recent status or on-going operations supervision reports. Its objective is to inform the Boards of Directors about the progress made in the management of the Bank’s portfolio since the last review, which dates back to April 2002. It also seeks to make recommendations with a view to improving the quality of the Bank’s portfolio in Burkina Faso. The Bank has in total approved sixty-two (62) operations in Burkina Faso. Of these 62 operations, thirty-six (36) are completed and twenty-six (26) are at various implementation stages. The total amount of net commitments is UA 519.4 million: UA 27.0 million of ADB resources (5.2 %), UA 457.1 million of ADF resources (88.0%) and UA 35.3 million of grants (6.8%). The sectoral distribution of the commitments shows the predominance of agriculture and rural development with 37.2% of the net commitments; followed by the social sector (19.6%); transport (16.5%); public utilities (9.7%); institution building and reforms (16.0%) and industry and banks (1%).

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