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2004 - Egypt - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


In order to improve portfolio performance, a portfolio review mission was undertaken in Egypt during the period 26 November-10 December 2004. This report is based on the findings of the above review mission, quarterly progress reports and various supervision missions undertaken during the period January 2001-June 2005. The report updates the CPPR (ADF/BD/WP/2000/159) of 4 October 2000 which identified delays in project effectiveness and start-up, bureaucracy, non compliance with the Bank’s procurement rules of procedure and disbursement and reporting covenant, communication as well as language barrier as problems in the portfolio. Due to staff constraints, a portfolio review could not be conducted in 2002. The current report reviews the performance of project implementation of the Bank Group portfolio in Egypt, identifies the constraints impeding project implementation, and offers some remedial measures to improve portfolio performance. The report is divided into seven sections: introduction, review of ongoing portfolio, assessment of management/implementation capacity, coordination with other donors, loan repayment and arrears, proactive management of the portfolio, and conclusions and recommendations.

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