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2004 - Guinea Bissau - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


This portfolio review report has been prepared to inform the Boards of Directors of the progress made and the problems encountered in the implementation of Bank operations in Guinea-Bissau, since the last review in 1997, the report of which (ADB/BD/WP/98/69 and ADF/BD/WP/98/66) was considered by the Boards on 22 January 1999. This review is the first since the armed conflict in 1998 which affected human resources, the country’s socioeconomic infrastructure and the institutional capacities required for development management. The report is based on the results of the portfolio review mission in April 2003, the recommendations of the last review and the conclusions of: (i) the supervision missions, (ii) the dialogue on the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2002-2004 and the more recent dialogue between Guinea-Bissau and its bilateral and multilateral partners, including the Bretton Woods Institutions, the Bank, and the United Nations System, to revitalize their cooperation. It analyses the scope of the portfolio, highlights the problems encountered in project implementation, and proposes recommendations to improve portfolio performance.

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