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2005-2007-Angola-Results-Based Country Strategy Paper


The Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP) is the new framework for formulating the Bank’s strategy for Angola over the 2005-2007 period. It is a continuation and deepening of the last CSP 2002-2004, which was approved by the Boards in July 2003 (ADF/BD/WP/2003/48) and updated in September 2004. Given its organic relationship with the Government’s Interim PRSP and its orientation towards the generation of tangible poverty reduction results that can be measured in terms of monitoring and evaluation indicators, the RBCSP is designed to serve as a tool for planning and managing Bank operations and verifying their impact on the poor and vulnerable populations. However, the situation in Angola made it somewhat difficult to formulate an RBCSP, mainly because the Interim PRSP for the 2003-2007 period, which should have served as its basis, is still being finalized with World Bank assistance to update its medium-term macroeconomic framework and costs, prepare the matrix of measures and monitoring/evaluation indicators, and incorporate donor observations on the participatory approach. Despite these difficulties, efforts were made to design the Bank’s new strategy for the country for the 2005-2007 period based, as much as possible, on the new CSP format. This strategy will be monitored, and subsequently reviewed if the changes made to the final PRSP so require. If not, during the mid-term review, we could update the results indicators on the basis of available data.

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