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2005-2009 - Guinea - Country Strategy Paper


Guinea’s last Country Strategy Paper (CSP) was approved by the Boards of Directors of the Bank Group in May 2000 (ADB/BD/WP/2000/30/Final and ADF/BD/WP/2000/38/Final) and updated in August 2002. The 2002-2004 CSP, which proposed strategies based on Government priorities as defined in its full-fledge PRSP, was not presented to the Boards because Guinea accumulated payments arrears owed to the Bank. A dialogue paper was submitted to the Boards in 2005 for information. The present Results-based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP) for 2005-2009 comes at a time when Guinea has just concluded a 12-month Staff-Monitored Program (SMP) with the IMF, which is needed for a new PRGF that will enable the country to reach the completion point of the enhanced HIPC Initiative. This strategy was prepared following a results-based approach and is therefore a mechanism for programming Bank activities and monitoring their impact. The interventions described in the interim strategy will revolve around two areas of focus, namely: (i) consolidation of infrastructure that boosts growth; and (ii) improvement of basic social services.

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