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2005-2009 - Nigeria-Mid-Term Review of the Results Based - Country Strategy Paper


In July 2005, the Boards of Directors of the Bank Group approved the Nigeria Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the 2005-2009 period. Anchored on the home-grown National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS), the Bank’s CSP has two pillars: (i) “Developing human resources through intervention in the education and health sectors”; and (ii) “Stimulating non-oil growth through enhanced infrastructure, agriculture and rural development”. This Mid-Term Review (MTR) assesses the progress made so far and draws lessons from the implementation of the CSP. It then proposes, for consideration and approval by the Boards, the Bank’s strategic focus and operational programming for 2008-2009. The MTR was conducted in a participatory manner involving various consultations with stakeholders.

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