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2005-2009-Sao Tome & Principe-Country Strategy Paper


The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe (STP) is an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, with a population of about 140,000 inhabitants. The population is mostly urban, with nearly 56% living in urban areas, and more than 40% in the national capital region. With a per capita income of US$320, STP was ranked 123rd out of a total of 177 countries in the UNDP’s 2002 Human Development Report1 . The proportion of the poor population, which is on a steady rise, is 54%, and poverty affects 65% of the rural population. The country has experienced recurrent political unrest, which has worsened since the military coup attempt of July 2003. Democratic order has been maintained, even though the functioning of the State has been affected by frequent Cabinet reshuffles. Since 2004, the Cabinet has been reshuffled three times.

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