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2005-2009 - Senegal - Mid-Term Review of the Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP)


The 2005-2009 RBCSP was considered and approved by the Boards of Directors in June 2005 (ADB/BD/WP/2005/68/Rev.1-ADF/BD/WP/2005/65/Rev.1). During its consideration, the Boards noted the satisfactory macroeconomic performance recorded over the 2000-2004 period. They had also expressed satisfaction with the country’s compliance with the criteria of the WAEMU convergence, stability, growth and solidarity Pact. The Boards congratulated the Government on the country’s attainment of the HIPC Initiative completion point in April 2004 and its eligibility to benefit from the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative. Furthermore, the Boards welcomed the progress made by the Government in the implementation of structural reforms, as well as the action plan of the budgetary and financial reforms aimed at improving the management of public resources. Lastly, the Boards appreciated the initiatives taken by the Government to improve the performance of the portfolio of projects financed by the Bank Group in Senegal. In spite of this progress, the Boards expressed their concern about the incidence of poverty, notably in rural areas, which was still affecting a high proportion of the Senegalese population.

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